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This Privacy and Cookie Statement applies to persons using Orange Capital Partners’ services, including the website and’s other media channels, hereinafter jointly: ‘the LIV Residential Platform’.


Orange Capital Partners B.V., having its registered office at Minervalaan 63 in (1077 NR) Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a controller under the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: ‘we’ or ‘OCP’). We are responsible for processing personal data which is collected through the use of the LIV Residential Platform. We respect the privacy of all users, and believe it is crucial that personal data which is disclosed to us be collected, processed, retained and secured in accordance with the applicable privacy laws. Before you disclose information to us, you must register first or provide consent for your information to be collected, processed and retained, as described in this Statement. If you cannot agree to this, we recommend that you not use the LIV Residential Platform. If you have questions, you can contact OCP through

Which data is processed?

Personal data is disclosed directly by persons seeking rental homes, property agents or other interested parties (hereinafter: ‘user(s)’). Data is disclosed, for example, if an account is created with a search profile, a newsletter is registered for, a viewing is requested, necessary documents are uploaded or similar functions are utilised. For a search profile to be created or a viewing to be requested, the following data is necessary: first and last names, e mail address, telephone number and an estimate of the joint income. You can also voluntarily post messages online. Our systems record the IP address of the device through which you have visited our website.

Purpose of processing the data

We use the aforementioned users' personal data as appropriate for the following purposes:

  1. a) Letting services We use the personal or other data disclosed by the user to provide letting services through the LIV Residential Platform. This may include the following services: a message service indicating the available rental homes which are consistent with the search profile stated by the user and a function to store rental homes. We may send you service messages, too.
  2. b) Offering contact between the property agent and the person seeking a rental home At the user’s request, personal data may be shared with property agents, which, using this information, may contact you. The property agent itself will be responsible for the personal data which it processes for its services. We will not be responsible for this, and advise users to look at the property agent’s privacy statement. This information can usually be found on the property agent’s website.
  3. c) Marketing purposes We use personal data to display advertisements and send e mails. If the user has consented to this beforehand, we will use his/her e mail address to send electronic newsletters and other electronic messages about our products and services. The newsletter may contain messages from partners affiliated with us which are active in the property sector.
  4. d) Facebook If a user requests access to the LIV Residential Platform, the user may opt to link a Facebook account to the Platform. If the user does this, the user can also log in to the LIV Residential Platform through Facebook. We merely process data in this connection so that the user can log in to the LIV Residential Platform. Insofar as the user uses the Facebook platform for other activities, the user should refer to Facebook’s privacy policy ( for information about these processing operations.
  5. e) Generating traffic Residential address data may also be used to generate traffic to the LIV Residential Platform. We have a legitimate interest in doing this, in order to provide the broadest possible information about available rental homes to people seeking homes.
  6. f) Personalisation We may use the data from a user account and the data disclosed by the user on the LIV Residential-platform to construct a personal profile. With this profile, we can gear the content and advertisements on the Platform to the user’s interests, so the Platform will be more relevant to each individual user. You can unsubscribe at any time through
  7. g) Statistics The data from a user account and the data disclosed by the user on the LIV Residential Platform may be used by us for quality control and market research to improve our services. Finally, we place cookies on our website


Cookies are tiny bits of information (small files) which a website leaves behind on a device (say, a computer). The website instructs the web browser used to view websites (for example, Internet Explorer) to save these cookies on the device. Four types of cookies are used on our website

1. Functional cookies:

Functional cookies are necessary to enable a website to operate. We use functional cookies to make navigation in the websites easier and to save certain user settings or preferences, so the use of the website can be optimised. Please see below for more information about these cookies.

2. Analytic cookies:

Further, we use analytic cookies to measure, with the help of third party software such as Google Analytics, how many people visit our websites and what gets the most views on these websites. The statistical information collected is used to gear the website’s content or online mailings to visitors’ needs. Please see below for more information about these cookies.

3. Advertisements and other cookies:

By placing advertisements on third-party websites, we compile data on which visitors have read the content and which pages they have visited. As a result, we can personalise experiences and display relevant advertisements when the user visits the websites again. These third parties (including Facebook through offer users the option of managing the privacy and advertisement settings and, if necessary, adjusting these to their personal preferences.

4. Social media cookies:

We provide the opportunity to share information on the website through social media, such as Facebook. If a user clicks on the Facebook button, the user is referred on to Facebook’s website. Users can adjust the privacy settings on Facebook at any time through

How can I manage cookies and switch them off?

If users visit our website, they can set cookie preferences (except for the necessary cookies for which consent is not required). Users can also fully accept or decline cookies through browser settings. The internet browser’s settings may be adjusted as well, so the browser will inform the user whenever a cookie is placed. Thus, we recommend that you consult the browser instructions or help screen to obtain more information about creating and changing browser settings (

If you use different devices to view , you must make sure that the cookie preferences are adjusted on each browser of each device. If cookies which we use are switched off, this may affect your user experience when you visit our website.

Disclosure of personal data to processors

We furnish personal data to processors insofar as necessary to provide our letting services. These processors process the personal data in accordance with our instructions and under our responsibility. This is set forth in a data processing agreement which we conclude with these parties.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

We disclose personal data to third parties if users have consented to this or instructed us to do this. For instance, we furnish information about people looking for rental homes to property agents. In addition, we disclose personal data to third parties if they are required to have this information under a statutory provision or a decision by a court or regulatory agency, or if this is necessary in the interest of preventing, detecting or prosecuting criminal offences (such as deceit, fraud or swindling).

Protection of personal data

We ensure that data is securely stored and transmitted from computers to our servers. These are located in Europe, and, under the law, all European countries provide at least an adequate, appropriate level of protection. We have also taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against loss or any type of unlawful processing. If we work with parties located outside Europe, we will transfer data only if the level of protection is similar or only with the user’s prior explicit consent, or we will take additional measures.

We will carefully determine how to handle unexpected data leaks in accordance with the applicable regulations and any duty to inform users. We will not be liable for damage resulting from unlawful access obtained by third parties to computers through viruses disseminated through advertisements or other unlawful programs or files.

User rights

Users have certain rights regarding their own personal data. This applies in particular to rights of access, rectification, restriction, objection, removal and data portability. Users can contact about this. Users should bear in mind that, in some instances, OCP may ask for additional information to properly verify the user’s identity.

Users may object at any time to the use of their personal data for direct marketing purposes by sending an e mail to Likewise, users may revoke their consent at any time insofar as we process the personal data on this basis.

We do not retain personal data any longer than necessary to accomplish the aforementioned purposes or to comply with laws and regulations. The retention period depends on the purpose for which the personal data is processed. Once it is no longer necessary to retain the personal data, we will destroy it.


We will not be responsible or liable for any privacy matters of third parties with which we work, nor for the content, security or ownership of the externally linked websites. Hence, you should consult these external websites’ privacy statements regularly. Where possible, the privacy settings may be adjusted based on personal preferences.

Questions and complaints

If you have questions about this Statement and/or the way in which we use personal data, please contact

If you have additional questions or complaints about the processing of personal data, you can submit these to the Dutch Data Protection Authority [Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens]. The Dutch Data Protection Authority’s website ( has more information about this.

Modification of the Privacy and Cookie Statement

We may modify this Privacy and Cookie Statement from time to time by posting an updated version of it on the website. We therefore recommend that you visit the website regularly. Dutch law will apply to this Privacy and Cookie Statement. This Statement was drawn up in June 2018.