Covid 19

LIV Residential takes your health, that of our employees and others very seriously. Therefore, we follow the guidelines from the RIVM very closely. During this turbulent we give you two options to view a house:

  1. First of all, there is the opportunity to have a virtual viewing or a video send to you.
  2. Visits in person are possible as well, but following the guidelines of the RIVM.

A virtual tour

The first opportunity that we have to offer, is a virtual viewing. We can either give you a guided tour via a livestream or send you a video via email or WhatsApp. During the guided tour the real estate agent will be available to answer all of your questions.

A personal visit is in 2 safe steps

One candidate at a time

At each visit there will be one candidate at a time going inside to view the property. For couples and families we make an exception. They are allowed to view the house at the same time unless the current renter is uncomfortable with it.

If you have an appointment to view a property, we ask you to take into account the following:

  1. Our representative won’t shake your hand.
  2. Our representative will maintain 1.5m distance at all time.
  3. n addition to this, we take the hygiene measures such as regular hand washing very seriously. In the interest of everyone's health we ask you kindly to do the same.
  4. Furthermore, we recommend you to wear a facemask during the viewing. If there is still a seated tenant present, the facemask is mandatory. When a real estate agent is present during the viewing we will make sure to bring extra facemasks and hand gel

Hand Sanitizers

Dispensers with disinfection lotion will be available during the viewings

Social Distancing

Please maintain 1.5m distance at all time.

Face Coverings

Please bring your own facemask during the viewings

Common Area Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfection protocols are communicated towards our tenants

Remote Leasing

Virtual viewing are available


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